Revamp Your Employee Development Program with Sage HRMS

In today’s tightening job market, companies need to find ways to retain employees. Investing in employee development is a key factor in increasing job satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Some surveys indicate that as many as 40 percent of employees leave their jobs within a year due to poor training. Although training can’t fix all problems, it, along with Sage HRMS, can improve job satisfaction, increase retention rates, and improve employee productivity.

With software designed for growing companies, Visibility Software makes an employee development program accessible for small to mid-sized businesses. In fact, mid-sized companies are dedicating, on average, $1.5 million to their annual training budget. This investment in training staves off costs of replacing employees which can range from 50-200% of an annual salary.

Download 3 Steps to Achieve Talent Development That Drives Organizational Success.

There are more than fiscal reasons for employee development, however. Read on to learn five reasons employee development is a key factor in business success.

5 Reasons You Should Revamp Your Employee Development Program

  1. Engaged employees enable business success. When employees are engaged in the company and its goals, they are more likely to support these goals and strive to achieve them.
  2. Losing employees causes emotional stress. Beyond fiscal costs of losing an employee, there are also emotional costs. Employee turnover affects all of your staff, not just those who are leaving.
  3. Improved HR processes paves the way for successful training. Human Resources is a skilled position that should be dedicated to the development and growth of employee talent. With rapid changes in the way companies recruit and do business, HR processes need to keep up.
  4. Formal training ensures better communication. While informal learning is an important part of any job, lack of formal training can cause big issues in the future. Clearly set expectations and processes keep away issues that are caused by misinterpretation or lack of knowledge.

Learn more about successful employee development by downloading this Visibility Software whitepaper: 3 Steps to Achieve Talent Development That Drives Organizational Success.

Manage Employee Development Programs Using Sage HRMS and Visibility Software

When you’re establishing training objectives, it helps to align them to company objectives. With Sage HRMS, you’ve got a powerful software solution at your fingertips that can help you manage all aspects of human resources, including recruitment and retention, training needs, tracking attendance, and much more.

Visibility Software is part of the Sage HRMS Suite. This solution set includes Sage HRMS Cyber Train to help you implement and manage training processes that will help your business succeed. Cyber Train can also be used as a standalone system. This software solution is:

  • Flexible – The product scales to meet your expanding needs and can be cloud-based or on premises.
  • Customizable – This solution integrates with Sage 100 to eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Configurable – This software can be configured to meet your specific talent development needs.
  • Affordable – Product levels are available to meet your company’s budget requirements.

Call Emerald TC to Learn More about Employee Development Software

Emerald TC is dedicated to providing business software to meet your needs across all departments, including Human Resources. To learn more about Visibility Software solutions integrated with Sage HRMS or as a stand-alone system, call us at 678.456.6919 or contact us online.

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