Sage 100 Tips and Tricks—Invoice and Paperless Printing

Print Invoice Problem—Data Not Selected for Printing

Problem: The Print Invoice check box is not checked in the S/O Invoice Data Entry Defaults, so the entire batch of invoices is not marked to print and selecting printing shows “Data Not Selected for Printing”.

Solution: If your invoices won’t print, go to Invoice Data Entry and click on the Defaults button and verify the Print Invoices check box is checked.  If it was NOT, this was your issue and all new invoices will be fine.  For the current batch of invoices, Quick Print each one.

Windows 10 Upgrades—Paperless Printing Not Working After Upgrade

Problem: Paperless printing has been an issue pretty consistently on Windows 7 machines that have upgraded to Windows 10.

Solution: Choose File in the upper left corner, then Run.  At the prompt, type in pl_advancedoptions_ui and click OK. (That is the letter l and not the number 1).

Select “Uninstall Converter” and click OK to run (if you have User Account Control activated, you will get at least one prompt you will have to OK to continue).  Once that is done, click on “Install Converter” (another 2-3 OK prompts) and run that.  Click OK when done.

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