Sage 100 Tips and Tricks: New in Sage 100 2017

Sage 100c Advanced Lookup Options

In the 2017 version of Sage 100c (and NOT Sage 100), you will have the following two new choices when using  your Advanced Lookup Engine (clicking the magnifying glass.)

The first allows you to search for a field that is EMPTY.  “Not equal <blank>” hasn’t always worked so well, so this is a welcome addition.

The other option is for Full Text search. This does not ask you for the field name, because it is searching ALL fields and columns in your lookup. This lets you search for something in Address 1 and Address 2 at the same time, for example, or in both code AND description fields.

Helpful Updates in Sage 100 2017

If you are a regular user of Sage 100, perhaps you have been looking for some of the new features below:

  • In Sage 100 2017, you have a Role option that allows you to suppress the “Remove Forms from Printer and Replace with Paper” prompt. To no longer see this message, clear the “Show Prompt to Remove Forms From Printer” check box in the Common Information section.
  • There are now Prior and Next arrow buttons on the calendar pop-ups so you can move more easily between months.
  • The font size for selected reports has been increased to improve readability. These reports previously used a 6 point font. The new font is horizontally equivalent to the previous font, but it is 30 to 40 percent taller.
  • You can now cancel report printing by clicking the “Cancel” button on the message window that appears while the report is processing.
  • Better exporting to Excel for BR and GL reports are also included with 2017.

For assistance in your Sage 100 installation, contact Emerald TC support or call (678) 456-6919.

Learn more about and download Sage 100 2017 at the Sage Knowledgebase.

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