Sage 100 Updates and Tips—Windows 10 Support and More

If you are a Sage 100 user, you know about the flexibility this ERP software provides by enabling you to choose the modules and platform that best suit your needs. You also know that your installation is supported by regular updates that introduce new capabilities and improve existing tasks. You should know that service updates for Sage 100 2015 and 2016 have recently been released. Here is an update on these releases as well as a few tips to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Sage 100 2015 now officially supports Windows 10.

The latest release for Sage 100 2015 now officially includes Windows 10 as an approved operating system. (Sage 100 2016 was certified to work with Windows 10 in December 2015.)

There are a few advantages to upgrading to Windows 10.

  • The Start Menu from Windows 7 is back but with the modern look of more recent releases.
  • A new Internet browser, Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer. It’s faster and more user friendly.
  • Task View makes it easier to switch between apps in Windows 10. You can also work with multiple virtual desktops.

Latest service update for Sage 100 2016 is now available.

We discussed the release of Sage 1016 in December. With this release, Sage 100 became a genuine web-based ERP, providing a complete web experience for browsing and entering data. The latest update, Sage 100c and Sage 100 2016.1 is now available and can be downloaded on the Sage customer portal.

The most recent releases of Sage 100 include:

  • Fixed assets now available in the SQL framework
  • New in-product Sage Payment Center allows you to easily apply, activate, and manage payments
  • Additional enhancements to improve everyday tasks

Be more productive with these Sage 100 tips.

Bill of Materials: If you are looking up a bill in Bill of Materials Maintenance, make sure you do not hit Accept if you find the bill does not exist. Doing so will create a bill of materials with no lines. This will cause the bill to roll up with a zero cost in any production (if sub-assemblies are not exploded) or cost roll-ups, and we just discovered that it can cause issues with the integer unit of measure function in Work Order creation.

National Account Pricing: When using National Accounts in Sage 100, you have an option to use the Bill-To pricing or the Sold-To pricing for the Sold-To accounts.  If all Sold-To accounts share pricing, the default of Bill-To will work for you and you can just set up customer-specific pricing by the Bill-To customer. If the Sold-To accounts have differing pricing, though, then use the Sold-To option and set up each customer’s pricing individually.

Advanced Lookup Engine: Just a reminder that the lookup on any field with a magnifying glass beside it can be modified.  Those modified lookups can then be exported to Excel or printed, and can include calculated fields and selection criteria. For example, you could create a custom lookup in Item Maintenance/Inquiry that has a calculated Gross Margin %, based on the Standard Price and Standard Cost fields, and you could limit the lookup to only those items with a gross margin less than 10%.

Also, you can now add the Item EXTENDED DESCRIPTION to Item Maintenance/Inquiry lookups – you can find it in the additional files listed below the Item file.

You can also add fields like Terms Description and Salesman Name to Customer Lookups.  If you have a DEFAULT Ship-To setup on the Customer, you can even include that address information with your lookup.

And remember – you can create MULTIPLE lookups for each field.  In Payroll, you can have a Birthday lookup and a Hire Date lookup and a Pay Rate lookup.

Windows 10 Quirk: If you are using Windows 10, please be aware that it has an unwelcome new feature (at least for Sage Paperless users).  The default printer now changes to the last one used automatically unless you change a setting, which means every time you print to Paperless, the Sage 100 PDF Converter printer becomes your new default! See this article for help on making this change.

If you need support for your existing Sage 100 business software, give us a call at (678) 456-6919 or contact us by filling out this form. We would be glad to help you with a question or system issue.

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