Sage 100 Year-End Information and Updates

It’s that time of the year when you should update your Sage 100 software to receive year-end tax tables, payroll updates and more. When your software is up-to-date in December, it makes your year-end processing go much more smoothly.

For all of the details you need to prepare for year end, go to the Sage 100 Year-End Center. Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Make sure you are on a supported version for 2016 year-end.

Sage recently released Sage 100 2017. This latest release introduces the ability to collect customer payments using ACH, enhanced credit card verification for corporation purchases, improved lookup and search features, and more. If you have not upgraded to Sage 100 2017, you will need to be on one of the supported versions listed here:

  • 2016 Product Update 1 (5.30.1)
  • 2015 Product Update 3 (5.20.3)
  • 2014 Product Update 7 (5.10.7)

Reminder: The 2016 year-end and 2017-Q1 tax table updates are the last that will be available on Sage 100 2014.

  1. Be sure to download your year-end and Q1 updates.

If you are on one of the supported versions listed above, then download your updates based on the schedule below. These updates must be installed before processing W-2, ACA, or 1099 forms for 2016.

  • 2017-Q1 Tax Table Update and 2016 Interim Release Download are scheduled to be available the week of December 14.
  • The eFiling and Reporting (Aatrix) year-end update will be released automatically approximated December 12 after 2pm PST.
  1. Learn more at Sage University.

If you are on the Gold Plan, you have great resources available to you at (if you are not on this plan, contact us for more information.) These sessions on year-end processing are available.

  • ACA Reporting for 2016
  • Period/Year-End Processing Distribution
  • Period/Year-End Processing Financials
  • Period/Year-End Processing Payroll
  • Period/Year-End Processing Processing

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