Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard Gives You the Controls

Sage CRM offers many advanced features that help your company generate and track leads. One exceptional feature, however, is the Sage CRM interactive dashboard. The interactive dashboard puts the controls in your hands so that you can customize your dashboard view and personalize your CRM experience. With this level of personalization, your efficiency and productivity soar.

Sage CRM: Personalization for the Busy Sales Environment

In a busy sales environment, clicking through multiple screens on a CRM system wastes time. Yet each person interacting with the CRM system needs different information. The answer lies in personalization and customization of the CRM experience.

With personalization, Sage CRM puts the power to control your screen view into your hands. You can create multiple dashboards by starting with a pre-defined template or building your own. The pre-defined templates take into consideration the most frequently accessed features.

Shortcuts such as personalized dashboards enable you to zip right to the information you need. It’s a time-saving feature that can enhance productivity.

“Gadgets” Provide Drag and Drop Customization

If you’ve ever used WordPress, you know that WordPress offers “widgets” or drag and drop customization that eliminates the need for users to understand complex HTML and JavaScript. Gadgets in Sage CRM offer a similar user-friendly way to customize your dashboard.

Select the Gadget that you want to include on your dashboard. Click it, and drag it into place. You’ve now customized your dashboard so that it offers exactly the type and level of information that you need.

Gadgets in Sage CRM include:

  • Calendar
  • Appointments
  • Sales opportunities
  • Support cases
  • Customer contacts

Information feeds, workflows, and actions that you use frequently can be pulled right onto your custom dashboard so that they are just one click away rather than multiple clicks. Finding the information you need in a CRM system has never been easier.

Editing Gadgets

You can customize your dashboard even further by editing the Gadget properties. Some Gadgets even allow you to perform tasks directly from your dashboard. These tasks including logging cases, changing a sales opportunity status, and more.

The Many Reasons Why You Need Sage CRM

One of the reasons so many customers love Sage CRM is its ease of use. Customizing your dashboard so that it works for you, not against you, to enhance your productivity is just one of the many ways in which Sage CRM is very user-friendly.

Other benefits of Sage CRM include:

  • Unifies sales, marketing, and customer support. All three functions can be handled in one system, making communications easier and better among departments.
  • Improves customer management. In addition to unifying the customer view throughout major customer interactions, it improves customer management within each department.
  • Enhances marketing effectiveness. The tools in Sage CRM offer powerful targeted marketing opportunities. Not only can your marketing department send better campaigns, but the improvements in targeting can lead to higher response rates.

Sage CRM offers excellent customer management, targeted marketing, and sales tracking. It’s reliable, efficient, and easily customized. It’s also easy to learn and use, making the ramp-up time faster than many other CRM systems. It’s a system that will provide many benefits to your company for years to come.

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