Sage Document Management Announced at Sage Summit 2017

What’s the difference between Sage Enterprise Document Management and Sage AP Automation?

Sage Summit 2017, held last week in Atlanta, had many exciting announcements including artificial intelligence, cloud accounting, and product updates. One announcement in particular is worth some further clarification for Sage software customers.

Sage announced an AP Automation service via a partnership with Beanworks Solutions.  Several customers have asked how this compares with Sage’s Enterprise Document Management solution.  First of all, there are some similarities.  Both offerings work with digital documents and provide electronic workflow for the matching, coding and approval of vendor invoices.  And both are integrated with Sage products.  But there are also differences.

Sage AP Automation allows you to outsource most of your AP function – including the matching and coding of the invoice and payment to the vendor.  The AP-only documents are stored in their cloud for 7 years.  There’s a monthly charge per invoice and per payment for these services along with associated start-up fees.  This service doesn’t manage different document types and there’s no notion of automated document distribution, viewing documents within the ERP systems itself, or customizing workflows beyond the AP process. Most importantly, the solution only works with Sage 100c.

Sage Enterprise Document Management is a workflow-driven solution that automates any document intensive process beyond just AP.  Examples include sales orders, expense reports, contract management, HR onboarding, etc., or any business process that connects data from multiple systems or sources and stores them in a secure, centralized repository for as long as you need them.  Sage Enterprise Document Management automates the distribution of documents to customers, vendors, and business partners across multiple companies and departments. This solution works with all Sage ERP solutions.

So when you’re looking at automation around your business process make sure to take time to consider whether you need AP processing for Sage 100c only, or potentially a broader solution to manage your enterprise processes.

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