Sage Document Management: Why Going Paperless is a Smart Decision

4 Reasons to Implement DocLink with Sage Software

The move towards a paperless workplace is huge right now. Recent mid-market surveys indicate that document management is ranked among the top five IT initiatives being undertaken. Why all the interest? We’ll share why a paperless solution is a smart decision for your organization…

If you are looking to save money, lessen stress, and grow business, you should consider Sage document management.

Sage-endorsed document management solution, DocLink, is integrated to your Sage software and expedites business processes by scanning and routing documents, creating alerts, customizing forms, automating workflows, and providing easy access from any device.

Projects involving document management have a high return on investment (ROI).

For instance, a study by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) found that 60% of organizations that have gone paperless witness ROI in just twelve months while 77% achieve ROI in only 18 months. Companies are achieving ROI quickly and then continuing to expand their business even further without adding to headcount—all with the help of document management.

Document management can be used in any department, for any process, in any industry.

A good document management solution will benefit your Sales and Customer Service departments by decreasing order entry time so employees can focus on providing better service instead. Human Resources often has to save present and past employees’ documents for a certain amount of years before destroying them. Imagine the time and space that could be saved if your work didn’t have to physically maintain these files. A Sage document management solution will significantly increase workflow efficiency and keep your critical data secure.

Good document management solutions are easily expandable.

Smart document management software can evolve along with your company, growing as you expand and seamlessly transitioning from one department to another or from one location to another. Say your Accounts Payable department starts off using the solution to automate the approval of invoices, and then your Human Resources department recognizes the benefits mentioned above: it’s easy to scale the solution to benefit all.

If you want to store, easily access, share and move your documents through workflow, let us know. Emerald TC can answer your questions regarding Altec’s Sage document management solution, DocLink. We can show you how DocLink can be integrated with Sage 100 or Sage 500 ERP systems. Make the smart decision to go paperless today!

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