Sage ERP Software Improves Overall Business Management

Sage ERP software can help you improve how you manage your business. Businesses are rapidly moving away from the hierarchical leadership style, which puts the boss at the top, barking directions down the organizational chart, to a more egalitarian style of management. Sage ERP software and the related suite of Sage products can help your company move through this shift or continue to embrace a team approach to business management.

Moving Beyond the Pyramid

The Deloitte Human Capital 2017 study reveals that among the 7,000 companies it surveyed, the #1 issue described by leaders is how to shift the organization and leadership structure to meet modern-day demands. The Harvard Business Review backs this up with an older article describing several companies with a teamwork approach who were successful using fewer people than other strict hierarchical companies.

When your staff takes a team-based approach, your company grows stronger. Yet, many companies remain locked into a top-down approach which can make it difficult to bubble initiatives up from the ranks.

Sage ERP software can help your staff shift from waiting for the boss to decide to building self-organizing teams that think independent, creatively, and boldly.

Sage ERP Software Encourages Teamwork

Many businesses have inherited the hierarchical leadership template from times gone by when only the company’s owners could read and write. In olden times, that meant the boss was solely responsible for reviewing data, information, reports and other facts, and then making decisions. He would then convey those decisions down the line so that staff could implement them.

Sage ERP software—along with modern education, of course—makes that method as antiquated as the horse and buggy. Workers today are as well educated as the boss. They can read, write, interpret reports, and often have specialized knowledge of their responsibilities. What they need isn’t an order but an inspiration, data instead of directives.

ERP software provides that data. Shared, cloud-based data ensures that everyone in the company can access, view, and act upon up-to-the minute information. Your teams do not need to wait for the boss to decide. They can organize themselves into groups to act upon information found within the system. This method not only leads to faster response times but better results.

Leadership Today

What do these self-guiding teams need? They need leaders who motivate, inspire, and communicate the company’s vision effectively. The workers can then use information derived from systems such as Sage ERP software to complete important tasks. Leaders aren’t needed to convey information; Sage software does that. Instead, leaders interpret and organize that information to set goals and milestones as well as inspire and motivate teams to achieve them.

Throughout the ages, leadership styles have moved from dictatorial methods to today’s team-based atmosphere. The right software can help teams manage themselves, freeing leaders to motivate and inspire. It’s a healthy work environment that encourages growth, innovation, and productivity.

The Right Technology Makes Change Easier

As you consider the technological solutions available on the market, consider that the right technology makes initiating and implementing change in your organization easier.

Sage ERP software including Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP) offers core accounting and finance, business intelligence, customer relationship management, payroll, human resources, manufacturing and inventory control, and much more all in one package. With this system, teams have all the data they need to make decisions, organize their work, and complete their tasks in record time.

You don’t need a boss at the top shouting orders to the workforce. Let people organize themselves around relevant tasks with the right information. Sage 100 ERP software makes it happen.

For more information about Sage ERP software, Sage 100, or other Sage products, contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information.

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