SAGE FAS: Track Fixed Assets Using Barcode Scanners

Sage FAS, also called Sage Fixed Asset Software, can make tracking your company’s fixed assets so much easier.

Consider how you are tracking fixed assets now. Many companies rely on spreadsheets that list fixed assets to track location, usage, and age of each asset. But how is that spreadsheet updated? Do you rely on your office manager, an accounting department, or procurement staff member to update the spreadsheet? And is updating the list of fixed assets part of their daily task list or a task they fit in “whenever they have time?”

Sage Fixed Asset Software can change how you track fixed assets so they are always accounted for and always updated. It’s as simple as using your barcode scanning system.

Sage FAS and your barcode scanning system—yes, the same scanner you use to check merchandise into and out of your warehouse—can save you a great deal of time and effort managing your company’s fixed assets. Here’s how it works.

Track Fixed Assets through Your ERP

Sage FAS enables you to track your fixed assets from acquisition through depreciation and disposal. Because information from your fixed asset system needs to be accessible to everyone in your company, Sage FAS sends information into the ERP system. This enables everyone to share equally in the information available.

Sage Fixed Assets starts with your current barcode scanner. Set up a barcoding system for the fixed assets in your company. You may wish to categorize vehicles, computers, work equipment, and other major assets into specific groups so they are easier to track.

Affix barcodes to each asset and scan them into and out of inventory. As they move from location to location, scan them with one swipe of the scanner or mobile device over the barcode. With Sage products, it’s easy to synchronize various systems, including the barcoding system to the ERP, so updates are  in real-time.

Sage FAS Modules Customize the System for Your Business

Every business is different and requires a different fixed asset tracking system to monitor vital business equipment. Sage FAS offers several modules customers can choose from to build the system that’s right for their needs:

  • Sage Fixed AssetsDepreciation: This module helps you manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle, from acquisition to transfers and disposals. Functions within the system enable you to easily prepare year-end financials, allocate costs, calculate depreciation, eliminate redundant data entry, and store digital images of key asset records.
  • Sage Fixed AssetsTracking: This module is great when you need to conduct physical inventory. It offers an easy, graphical step-by-step process and can run on mobile devices.
  • Sage Fixed Assets—Planning: This is a great module if you need to track assets during construction, planning, or office moves. Anytime fixed assets are in transit, this is a great tool.
  • Sage Fixed Assets—Reporting: A suite of well-designed custom reports provides your team with the information they need for decision-making.

Sage FAS puts you in control of your fixed assets. By streamlining the process through barcode scanners, information moves seamlessly into the system. The same great reporting elements, real-time data updates, and reliability you’ve come to love in Sage products are in Sage FAS. Give it a try today by calling Emerald TC Consulting for more information on Sage Fixed Assets.

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