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Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter Helps You with ABR (Always Be Recruiting)

With Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter, you’ll turbo-charge your recruiting effort. It’s human resource software with Sage’s user-friendly navigation and easy integration with other Sage products. More importantly, it helps you with ABR: Always Be Recruiting.

If you’re struggling with talent acquisition, we’ve got great resources to share with you. First, download our white paper, 4 Key Steps to Successful Talent Acquisition. We’re also co-hosting a webinar on recruiting with Visibility on June 21. We’d like to invite you to download the paper, join us on the webinar, and learn more about Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter to help you “ABR”.

Always Be Recruiting – Brand Awareness and Human Resources

Sales people have an acronym, ABC, which stands for “always be closing.” Companies know there’s another, equally important acronym: ABR. It stands for “always be recruiting” and it means never stop promoting your company as a great place to work.

Human Resources is always on the front line of recruiting new talent. Employee turnover is an expensive problem; it costs up to 50% of an employee’s annual salary, according to some experts, to recruit and fill a vacancy.

For those in manufacturing, that number can soar. Top manufacturing talent, especially at the executive level, is difficult to find and it will cost more time and money to replace retiring or exiting executives.

That’s why it pays to never stop recruiting. Now, it’s probably not what you think. We’re not suggesting keeping help-wanted ads online, even when jobs are filled. Instead, think of vacancies as products that you need to sell. When you need to sell more products, you turn to the marketing experts for help. Likewise, when you must “sell” working at your company, the discipline of corporate branding comes into play.

Corporate Branding for Recruiting

Just as products develop a reputation and leave an indelible impression in customers minds, so too does your company, both as a service or product supplier and as a place to work. Good or bad, your company has developed a reputation for its services and for its corporate work culture. Both reflect its identity at its core.

Think about the reasons why people remain at your company over time. Your company’s brand is an implicit promise it makes to employees when agree to work there. Is your company known as a progressive employer who embraces diversity, flexible hours, and creativity? Or is it known as a rock-solid place to work where people are rewarded for loyalty? Both are positive brand attributes but appeal to specific types of employees. Only you know which type will thrive in the work environment you have created.

Company Brand Attracts Top Talent

There’s a reason why young, dynamic and innovative tech talent flocks to Silicon Valley. Companies like Facebook, Google and YouTube offer a brand that invites creativity, flexibility, and innovation. Likewise, traditional-minded employees may flock to Wall Street firms where their mindset is rewarded. Both are equally valid; it’s the fit between employee and overall brand that matters.

If your company develops a brand as a great place to work, then people will want to work there. The more people want to work at your company, the more they will proactively seek you out, inquiring about openings. This is the kind of brand awareness that boosts the talent pool!

Work with Your Marketing Department to Build Your Employer Brand

Building an employer brand takes time and effort. Work with your company’s marketing department to craft the overall corporate message you wish to consistently share online, on social media, and throughout your recruiting tools. 

Using Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter to Supercharge Employee Recruiting

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter is more than a human resources data management tool. It helps boost your recruiting so that you never stop attracting top talent. With Sage HRMS cyber recruiter, you can match the career page to your company’s existing website look and feel, and seamlessly integrate the online application with your company’s website. It brings visual branding to the top level of professionalism.

On the management side, it enhances scheduling, improves data collection, and of course, integrates easily with your existing Sage suit to build out a robust HR feature that complements ERP, BI, and other Sage resources.

An Invitation for You

Join Sage and Visibility on June 21, 2018 for a webinar to help you supercharge your recruiting.

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