Sage HRMS Premium: Access Anywhere, Anytime with the New Web Interface

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Sage HRMS offers a powerful solution for human resources management. Now, with the launch of Sage HRMS Premium, users experience true web-based freedom. Log in to Sage HRMS from anywhere at any time for benefits management, personnel management, and much more. Let’s dive into this powerful human resources solution that integrates seamlessly with the Sage ecosystem.

What Is Sage HRMS Premium?

Sage HRMS Premium is a new single sign-on, web-based interface to access Sage HRMS. The new web-based portal provides easy access and sign-on and an enhanced user experience that customers and benefits managers will love.

What Does Sage HRMS Do for Your Organization and Its Employees?

Think about the many tasks your human resources managers perform in any given day. Some of these tasks are routine: new hire onboarding paperwork, time-off management, benefits management. Using an HRMS system keeps everything organized in one place, making it easier to follow rules and laws about work. Employees can use it too, updating their own information and requesting time off without bothering HR. Sage HRMS grows with the company and can connect with other systems, saving money by making work smoother and more efficient. In short, Sage HRMS makes managing people simpler and helps companies work better.

The new Sage HRMS Premium offers an upgrade from Sage HRMS. With Sage HRMS Premium, employees can access frequently needed pages and manage the information themselves. These include personnel details and job descriptions, benefits information, and time-off tracking.

Human resources personnel will find time-sensitive tasks much easier to tackle with Sage HRMS Premium. The new hire process is one area that Sage HRMS streamlines. Completing new-hire paperwork, adding people to the system, and more can be managed through the portal. Reminders can be set for various tasks when onboarding new hires to ensure nothing is missed during the process. Lastly, as you’re offboarding people, you can delete old records, close out tasks, and update job descriptions, too, all from one convenient, easily accessible portal.

Great Features in a Popular Sage HR Product

The original Sage HRMS was already packed with useful features. The new premium HRMS offers the same great features with additions that make a good thing better.

Six major improvements to the new Sage HRMS Premium:

  1. Complete Accessibility: Access the system anywhere, anytime. You’re no longer locked into onsite access. The browser-based version does not require downloading and installing software on the end-user’s computer. And, if your admins work remotely, they no longer need VPNs or to bring copies on a portable device into the office. Remote or onsite workers access the same system.
  2. New Features: Sage has improved the user interface, making it easier to find items you use frequently and manage tasks. Additional security enhancements and added features are also included in the premium release.
  3. UI/UX Improvements: Sage HRMS Premium features a completely revised user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use.
  4. Single Sign-On: If you’re using multiple Sage products—HRMS, Benefits Enrollment, Employee Self Service—it’s now just one sign-in to access all HR management platforms.
  5. Easy Maintenance: No need to update the software on every user’s machine! Once the software is installed on the host server, that’s where you update it. Maintenance is conducted through a central place which makes it much easier to ensure everyone is using the latest version.
  6. Enhanced Security: Everyone is concerned about cyber security these days. A web-based solution deployed on a dedicated server offers significant security advantages. No need to monitor hundreds or thousands of computers for a breach.

Explore the Benefits of Migrating to Sage HRMS Premium

With so many advantages, you’ll want to migrate to Sage HRMS premium soon. Contact Emerald TC to learn more about migrating to the all-new Sage HRMS Premium and maximize what the new platform has to offer.

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