Sage Intelligence Improves the Accuracy of Sales Forecasting

Using Sage Intelligence can help you improve the accuracy of your company’s sales forecasting. Estimating future sales is essential for business planning. How accurate is your sales forecasting? Is it a true picture of what the future might hold or wishful thinking from your sales force?

Sage Intelligence takes wishful thinking out of the process by focusing on actual, real-time numbers. It draws data from all areas of your company to produce reports based not on just one facet of business but on all areas of information. The resulting data provides reports that are more accurate than anything individuals can develop on their own.

Accurate Data Boosts Productivity

Accurate data drives productivity for the sales team as well as other parts of the organization. Incorrect data can mislead staff into applying resources to areas that remain unproductive. With accurate data, they can put more effort into projects, resources, and products that offer the best chance of success.

Sage Intelligence Simplifies Data

One important benefit of using Sage Intelligence for sales forecasting is that it makes complex organizational data easier to understand.

Let’s face it—most people aren’t trained to analyze and interpret data. Sophisticated statistical analysis remains a specialized field. Handing someone spreadsheets and asking them to forecast sales based on raw data correctly confuses rather than helps with sales forecasting.

Sage Intelligence provides numerous ways to visualize data and produce colorful charts, graphs, and other visual interpretations that make even the most complex production and sales forecasts easier to understand. It simplifies the numbers so managers can focus their time and energy on analysis and action rather than number crunching.

Simple data is useful data. Numbers can be intimidating, especially for people without a strong background in data analysis. Most people find a pie chart, a bar graph, or another type of data visualization much more useful than raw numbers.

Improved Sales Forecasting and Enhanced Supply Chain Management

Improved sales forecasting also helps with supply chain management. When you have accurate forecasts, you can stock up on raw materials and establish manufacturing quotas based on better data rather than guesswork. Sage Intelligence provides the data to help you adjust quotas, improve ordering, and adjust inventory as needed to accommodate estimated sales.

Better Visibility Into All Aspects of Business

Business intelligence software goes well beyond improved sales forecasting and inventory management. It enhances visibility throughout the organization. Teams who can view sales forecasts understand what’s coming up and can adjust everything from staffing to work hours, based on estimated needs. Marketing can review the sales projections and improve campaigns based on what’s selling and what’s not, geographic area, target customer groups, and other data to help them refine their campaigns.

Sage Intelligence helps all areas of your company conduct their work more efficiently and effectively. Combined with Sage 100cloud ERP, it’s a powerful tool that can be used by everyone.

Why Customers Love Sage Intelligence

There are many business intelligence solutions on the market today, but customers love Sage Intelligence. “It saves us so much time!” one customer remarked.

If you’re still exporting data into spreadsheets, then using a spreadsheet program to build graphs and charts, you’re missing the benefits a business intelligence system like Sage Intelligence can provide to your company. With the click of a mouse, you can transform all that data into a meaningful and logical chart or graph that imparts so much information at a glance to employees. Customers love Sage Intelligence, and we think you will, too.

For more information about Sage Intelligence, contact Emerald TC: 678-456-6919.

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