Sage Mobility by Scanco for Sage 100cloud Is “Sales Support on the Go”

Accept large orders, manage your supply chain, and accept “sales on the go” with Sage Mobility by Scanco for Sage 100cloud. Sage Mobility by Scanco provides you with the flexibility you need to accept orders and transmit data back to the central office from any location. Visit customers, tour warehouses and manufacturing plants, swipe, and go—you order is in the system. How great is that?

Field Sales Loves Sage Mobility by Scanco For Sage 100cloud

Ask any field salesperson what’s their biggest frustration, and you may hear, “I can’t get an accurate stock count!” They’re at their biggest account’s offices, ready to sign a new order, but they can’t guarantee that the warehouse has enough products to fulfill such a large order.

With Sage Mobility by Scanco for Sage 100cloud, now you can get accurate, up-to-the-minute stock counts. The easy-to-use module updates Sage 100 instantly through the cloud-based interface.

As your team scans products in the warehouse, the entire system updates through internet-connected devices. Tap into the system and voila—instant and up-to-date counts on every item.

So, go ahead, field sales—it’s okay to promise order fulfillment. The stock count you see on screen is as up to date as technology can make it.

More Information Means More Sales

The more information field sales can access, the more sales they can make. With Sage 100cloud and Sage Mobility by Scanco, information flows smoothly and quickly among all internet enabled and connected devices.

With Sage Mobility by Scanco and Sage 100cloud, field sales can do all the following from customer locations:

  • Review previous orders and check to see if customers need to re-order
  • Check inventory levels at warehouses in different locations to fulfill large or complicated orders
  • Access, review, and check complaints, support tickets, and returns
  • Update customer information, such as contact information, job titles, phone numbers and more

It sounds simple, but it’s a huge leap forward for field sales teams who not too long ago had to take down everything on paper and type it into the computer when they returned to their offices. Now, a simple tap on a smartphone enables them to access warehouse data. Warehouse teams using Sage Mobility by Scanco can scan information from the warehouse to update order information. It makes for faster, better, and more efficient operation.

Helping Your Team Transition to Mobile

If your team is new to using mobile devices for field sales and warehouse operations, there are a few things you can do to speed up implementation. The first thing, of course, is to adopt user-friendly technology that is simple to learn and easy to use. Sage Mobility by Scanco fits the bill perfectly.

Second, be sure to provide adequate training for everyone on how to use, navigate, and update the system. Don’t assume that because a system seems easy to use people will immediately start using it. Some are intimidated by technology. Others need to see how it works and learn shortcuts, simple routines, and daily tasks from someone who can demonstrate it for them. Everyone learns differently and at varying rates. Give people adequate training and the time they need to learn how to use the technology for their jobs.

Lastly, to ensure compliance and updated information scanned within the warehouse, consider rewarding good behavior. It’s always good to reinforce positive behavior through praise, employee awards or recognition, or small tokens of appreciation such as half an hour extra for lunch or a shout out at the employee meeting. Notice and recognize when people use technology correctly.

When Field Sales Benefits From Technology, the Company Benefits, Too

Every part of your business is essential, but when the field sales team can be more productive and helpful to customers, the entire company benefits. Customers, impressed by the rapid response and fast answers to their questions, may order more and recommend your business to others in their industry. It’s a win-win with Sage Mobility by Scanco and Sage 100cloud.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC is an Atlanta-based consulting organization that offers Acumatica, Sage 100cloud, and other solutions to help small and mid-sized businesses improve their productivity and efficiency. Please contact us or call 678.456.6919 .

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