Sage Production Management Eliminated Silos for Comprehensive Manufacturing Management

New software from Sage, Sage Production Management, offers enormous potential to manufacturers. Sage partnered with independent software vendor, Scanco, to develop the new manufacturing module. It’s common in a manufacturing environment to encounter data silos and data housed in multiple systems or even offline in paper-based forms. Now, with Sage Production Management, manufacturers can eliminate “data silos” and share data easily.

The new Sage software replaces two previous modules: Work Order and Materials Requirements Planning (MPR).

Built on Sage 100cloud Framework

Sage Production Management is built on the Sage 100cloud framework. This ensures smooth sharing across any internet-enabled device.

Greater flexibility, portability, and access mean that busy manufacturers with warehouses, plants, facilities, and customers spread across large geographic areas can all share the same data quickly and easily. If you can get an internet signal, you can update and access Sage 100cloud and Sage Production Management.

Sage Production Management Offers New Features Made For Manufacturing

Sage Production Management eliminates barriers to growth by including new features just right for manufacturers. Some of these features include:

  • Dual grids so you can see information side-by-side
  • Batch processes to increase data entry efficiency
  • Customizable fields, tables, and scripts
  • Visual Integrator, which enables data imports from any third-party system
  • Assign regular earnings codes
  • Edit Work Tickets
  • Assign Work Tickets
  • Maintain original budgets, materials requirements and more
  • Add revision numbers to work orders and tickets
  • Add-ons that support Make to Stock job types

Enhanced Inventory Updates and Views

With Sage Production management, you’ll no longer need to phone or text the warehouse to find out if critical inventory items are in stock. Instead, log into the system through your smartphone and view real-time inventory updates. You can see quantity on hand as materials are updated, stock-outs and stock counts, and more.

Unique Manufacturing Process? Individualized Views Customize Your Settings

Sage understands that no two manufacturing businesses are alike. Sage Production Management is built on the Sage Business Object framework, which makes it easy to customize. So, make it what you need and what you want … customize it to meet your business needs.

Add Additional Functions Easily

Even with all the features packed in Sage Production Management, you may want to add more for your business. You can easily add extensions that enable material requirements planning, make to order, enhanced scheduling, advanced production configuration, and so much more.

Continued Support For Legacy Users

If you’re currently using Work Order and MPR modules, don’t worry. Sage will continue to support legacy product users as they roll out Sage Production Management. However, new users will be invited to use Sage Production Management as the company phases out Work Order and MPR.

The Best Software For Make to Stock Manufacturers

Matching inventory to anticipated consumer demand requires accurate data. You need to see a clear picture of what consumer demand was like in previous quarters or years to predict future demand.

Now, with Sage 100cloud and Sage Production Management, you’ve got the data you need to make better decisions. Data gaps can be closed as manual processes and information are phased out, and more information is added to the system. Sage makes it easy to transition to their software. With the right training and support provided by Emerald TC, you’re on your way to using the best software for make to stock manufacturing.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC is a Sage Atlanta consultant offering Sage 100 ERP, Sage 100cloud, and other products to help small and mid-sized businesses improve their productivity and efficiency. Please contact us or call 678-456-6919.

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