Emerald TC is Just What the Doctor Ordered for MDVIP

As Director of Finance at MDVIP in Boca Raton, Florida, John Martin faced an enviable dilemma. The company had grown so quickly that its accounting software couldn’t keep up. This made it difficult to manage all the complicated transactions required in a medical services business and kept MDVIP from being as responsive as it could be. In order to be more responsive, MDVIP needed to upgrade to Sage 500 for their accounting software.

Personalized Healthcare

MDVIP is a national network of physicians practicing preventive and personalized healthcare. MDVIP affiliated physicians reduce their practice to no more than 600 patients in order to focus on prevention and wellness, not just the treatment of illness once a patient gets sick. With prevention as the cornerstone of its program, MDVIP has proven that its carefully chosen affiliated physicians provide exceptional care and achieve exceptional outcomes. Patients pay a membership fee of about $125 a month for broad based preventive care services. The smaller practice size also affords same or next-day appointments that start on time and are unhurried. The doctors are available 24/7 and the phones are answered by trained staff rather than machines.

Martin researched many different accounting systems and business partners for a replacement. “I selected Emerald TC because they understood our needs,” he says. “Two Emerald principals came to meet me, and their ideas for a Sage 500 (MAS 500) system were impressive. But most of all, it was their service that sold me.”

Sage 500 Is a Great Fit

Emerald TC implemented Sage 500 with a complete suite of financial modules for MDVIP. The system has now automated all aspects of the company’s payables, receivables, general ledger, sales order and cash management operations, handling more than 100,000 transactions a month.

But something was still missing—namely a way to manage the requirements of MDVIP’s diverse stakeholder base.

This was difficult to do the way that Sage 500 was configured out of the box.

MAP Makes MDs Happy

“I called Mike Yearty at Emerald, who is hands-down the greatest consultant I’ve ever worked with. Together, we designed a membership agreement program, or MAP, to manage relationships with members and physicians,” Martin says.

The MAP program now interfaces seamlessly with Sage 500, so that the membership team can view accounting data. The system receives memberships and processes payments accordingly. It also contains protocols for adding and terminating member accounts.

Martin continues, “AR and AP both speak to the general ledger, and payments are processed quickly and accurately so both physicians and members are satisfied.”

Unbelievable Savings From Sage 500

Martin says that the bottom-line benefits from Sage 500 and Emerald TC’s MAP are incredible. “One year ago, it took four-plus business days every month to process payments. Now we have twice as many physicians and do the job in just half an hour! Company-wide, our processes have been streamlined ten-fold.”

Similar savings have come from better receivables management. “Now we have improved efficiencies of MAP and have dramatically improved receivables and cash flow,” he explains.

“Emerald’s MAP has improved customer service as well. We’re handling 50 percent more members than last year. Yet we receive about the same number of service calls, because customers have fewer issues.”

The Wow Factor

When questions arise, Martin knows Emerald will be there for him. “Other consultants I’ve worked with were impossible to reach even during business hours. Emerald, on the other hand, sometimes works through the night for us.”

Martin is amazed at how well Sage 500 and MAP work. “I often step back and say, Wow! Look what MDVIP and Emerald were able to do together!”


“Other consultants I’ve worked with were impossible to reach even during business hours. Emerald, on the other hand, sometimes works through the night for us.”

John Martin, Director of Finance


CHALLENGE: Legacy software crashed almost daily; customer base was not being optimally served because the company had outgrown its old accounting system

SOLUTION: Partnering with Emerald TC as consultant; implementing Sage 500 with financial modules, adding custom member application program

RESULTS: Despite volume doubling, processing AP went from 4+ working days to just half an hour, and service calls remained flat; overall processes were streamlined ten-fold



Boca Raton, FL



Industry: Medical concierge services

Employees: 700+

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