Scanco Manufacturing and Mobility for Sage 100

Scanco’s manufacturing suite for Sage 100 adds productivity apps for mobile devices that turns your device into a handheld scanner, data center, and more all in one. Scanco’s manufacturing suite works with Android, iOS, and other devices through a cloud-based interface that can be accessed as long as you have internet access.

Manufacturers can rely on Sage products for improved visibility and real-time data that keeps their businesses running with optimal speed and efficiency. Manage your inventory, warehouse functions, accounting, finance, and more with one single system. By adding JobOps for Sage 100 ERP to your suite of Sage products, you’ll add additional tools for estimation, tracking, and more.

JobOps for Sage 100 ERP

JobOps for Sage 100 ERP provides integrated job management software that integrates both financial and operational information into one system. It works in conjunction with Sage 100 so you can estimate jobs, build accurate quotes, plan projects, and more through one streamlined system.

JobOps for Sage 100 ERP offers the following features that make every manufacturer’s day easier:

  1. Estimation: Use JobOps for Sage 100 ERP to estimate projects with accuracy and speed. Look up past quotes and use existing data to build new quotes for your customers.
  2. Sales and work order tickets: JobOps integrates with Sales Order so that you can streamline and integrate all open work order tickets and sales tickets into one single system. This makes it much easier to check on both sales and work orders through one single point of entry.
  3. Job planning: Proactively review, manage, and communicate on the jobs currently in the production system. Plan resources around pending jobs and use the data from JobOps for Sage 100 to manage systems, people, and equipment effectively. Review, refine, and update estimates.
  4. Purchasing: The Component Exception Manager enables you to analyze the supply and demand for open, pending and current jobs so that you can adjust purchasing accordingly. Keep the right amount of supplies and raw materials on hand or order them in quickly to satisfy job requirements.
  5. Costing: Real-time cost assessment tools help you plan and manage jobs effectively.
  6. Tracking: Track work going through the system and get real-time updates and assessments on every stage of the manufacturing process.

Single Pane of Glass Efficiency

Scanco JobOps for Sage 100 offers manufacturers “single pane of glass” views into their workflow so that every step of the manufacturing process—from order taking through shipment—can be planned, tracked, and monitored for greater efficiency.

The information obtained from Sage 100 offers many possible ways to improve efficiencies. If you can assess and monitor data, you can make changes and measure the changes against the baseline. This enables you to find ways to improve quality, lower costs, and manage resources more effectively.

Sage 100 ERP: Powerful Data for Manufacturers

Sage 100 ERP offers powerful data for manufacturers. Through its financial and accounting system, you can track costs and monitor all aspects of your operations. Sage products easily integrate with other Sage applications so you can customize your system and add warehouse monitoring and tracking through Scanco/JobOps tools and apps, human resources software with Sage HRMS, sales and marketing tools through Sage CRM, and much more.

Manufacturers are always cost-conscious and know that they need to add value to their products and services to remain competitive. With Sage by your side, you have what it takes to increase profits, improve productivity, and enhance efficiency.

Emerald TC

Emerald TC offers a team of certified consultants, CPAs, and master developers to help you build your business, choose the right software, and grow your revenues. Sage HRMS, Sage ERP, Acumatica ERP and other products are available to improve productivity and enhance your business. Contact Emerald TC today for more information. 678-456-6919.

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