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Meet Industry Standards and Demands.

food and beverage industryThe food and beverage industry is growing and as demand increases among consumers and retailers, those in the food and beverage industry will need to position themselves for success. Faced with constant growth and ever-changing regulations within the industry, without the right tools and technology, many food and beverage companies sink under the weight of all the industry demands.

The Sage 500 ERP Food and Beverage module is the answer to the unique and ever-changing demands companies face in the food and beverage industry. Designed to help companies manage everything from food safety and regulatory compliance to quality management and in-depth tracking of inventory, Sage 500 ERP is the perfect recipe for continued success.

With Sage 500 ERP’s Food and Beverage module, you can:

  • Monitor Food Safety and Quality
    • Track inventory levels for multiple locations
    • Automate product tracking and tracing from supplier to retailer
    • Lower the risk of food spillage or spoilage and boost profit margin by delivering demand signals directly from sales and retailers to purchasing
  • Improve Performance
    • Track industry trends and keep management and customers in the loop with real-time business information and intelligence alerts
    • Automate data collection and business processes from order capture to inventory replenishment
    • Enhance order picking with integrated Automated Data Collection solutions
  • Streamline Business Processes
    • Incorporate recipe management, financials, inventory, regulatory compliance and production schedules to speed time-to-market
    • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes

Find out how Sage 500 ERP can help you maintain food and beverage industry standards and stay ahead of the competition – give us a call today.

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