Gain Insight into Your Business.

BizNetThe BizNet product suite, BizInsight, is a business reporting and analytics platform that provides businesses with real-time access to business data from Microsoft Excel. The software leverages the power of Excel to aggregate data in real-time, design and create up to the minute reports, and send them in multiple formats. Using a patent-pending Cloud Engine for faster real-time reporting from multiple data and information sources, the BizNet product suite empowers end users with the ability to obtain information quickly and easily.

What’s Included in the Product Suite?

BizInsight contains powerful reporting and analytic capabilities in a simple and immediate format. The product suite includes:

  • BizCloud – Gives you the ability to connect to any data in real-time and bypass the need for a data warehouse. No matter the size of your data (big data, small data), BizCloud keeps you connected to all of your data and builds reports that give you real-time visibility into your business.
  • BizContent – Provides you with pre-built Excel templates, connectors, functions, reports and business intelligence. BizContent provides best practice reporting and analysis with out of the box database connectivity and jump starts your ability to provide complete, up-to-date insight into your business performance.
  • BizBroadcast – Automatically distributes hundreds of reports from a single Excel workbook. This Excel-based information delivery system designs reports in Excel and automates the generation and distribution of them in a variety of different formats and methods to all levels of users within your organization.

Key Benefits of BizNet Software

With BizNet, everyone in your organization can access and analyze key business information in the reporting solution they use every day – Excel. The product suite allows you to:

  • Leverage existing spreadsheets
  • Address today’s complex reporting requirements with its powerful features
  • Access real-time information directly in Excel
  • Use pre-built content packs for out of the box reporting

If your company is experiencing an explosion of data and you are looking for the best way to access, augment and analyze this data in a time frame that helps your business with a tool you already know, then BizNet is the right solution for you.

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