Sage 500 ERP eCommerce

In today’s economy, everyone needs to boost sales and do more, faster. eBusiness Suite for Sage 500 ERP, powered by RKL increases the efficiency and productivity of customers, salespeople, and customer service representatives. The eBusiness Suite enables 7 x 24 B2B ecommerce and provides a technology upgrade through state of the art standardized web services that enable ease of solution integration. As a result, customers will increase sales revenue, efficiency and productivity while minimizing the costs associated with solution integration.

B2B and B2C Capabilities

Customers, salespeople, and customer service representatives have the ability through your on-line store to place orders and get accurate and up to the minute information about items, prices, inventory, account status, and expected delivery dates. eBusiness Suite provides the ability to pick, pack, and ship invoices for on-line orders and enables Credit Card processing of payments through integration with the Sage 500 ERP Credit Card module.

Online Access to Account Information

eBusiness Suite can function as a remote interface for Sage 500 ERP. The user can view customer’s orders, shipments, invoices, payments and backorder information. It is ideal for salespeople or customer service representatives to see a comprehensive overview of customer accounts to respond quickly to customer requests and follow up on orders or payments due. Security features allow access to this feature at the Customer level, Sales Team, Salesperson, or Company.

Streamlined Order Entry/Processing and RMA Entry

Choose from multiple interfaces to enter a quote or an order directly into Sage 500 ERP, or copy or edit an existing order. Filters can limit the items displayed during entry by Sales Product Line, Item Category, or Item Class. Sales Product Lines can also be filtered by Login ID to allow for customer specific price lists. To further streamline the process, use eBusiness to enter an RMA in Sage 500 ERP and email the customer the RMA packing sheet and label. Autoship functionality enables processing of sales orders and lines through pick/pack/ship/invoice upon order creation.

Additional Features

Additional features include Pricing and Inventory Inquiry, Data Import/Export Tools, Security, and Configurability Options.

“Emerald TC did a great job with our implementation of Sage 500 ERP from Sage Software. They also continue to respond to our questions in a timely manner.”

Angela Gentry, D&F Marketing – Specialists in food, beverage, and equipment design

*Sage 500 ERP is an alternative to Epicor, Microsoft AX, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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