Sage 500 ERP Manufacturing

Sage 500 ERP manufacturing software provides manufacturers with the flexibility and expanded capabilities to meet the diverse business requirements of varied industries, including industrial, automotive, high tech, electronics, consumer packaged goods, and other industries. One of the key advantages of the suite is its streamlined integration of routings and bills of material, which allows for improved lead-time calculations, more accurate material plans, and better resource allocation.

With the nine Sage 500 ERP manufacturing software modules, your operations become optimized for maximum productivity and provide a real-time business picture that gives you vision to manage profitability with insight.

Advanced Manufacturing

You’ll be able to spot production bottlenecks and quickly implement last-minute engineering changes. Manufacturing business software extends visibility of the shop floor to your entire enterprise to see which employees are currently working at any production facility. Customer service can quickly view the status of a customer order without having to interrupt the shop supervisor. The GAAP-compliant job costing system helps identify your most profitable (or most expensive) manufactured items.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Eliminate late orders and lost production time due to errors in scheduling and planning with automated production scheduling software. Sage 500 ERP manufacturing software includes a drag-and-drop schedule board that takes into consideration real-world concerns and displays all system-generated operation schedules, while allowing supervisors or production scheduling personnel to prioritize high-priority orders or shift scheduled operations.

Engineering Change Management

Control production costs with advanced manufacturing software by tracking constantly changing labor operations and material items as new items are developed and manufacturing processes are streamlined using newer equipment. Use this top-quality solution to meet your ISO and QS certification requirements and maintain quality control. Sage 500 ERP, manufacturing business software, integrates Engineering Change Management (ECM) with e-mail notifications providing instant visibility and standardized approval methods for routing and bill of material changes.


Sage 500 ERP manufacturing business software helps you base your estimates on more than an educated guess regarding total cost of production by understanding key impact factors such as material costs, outside processing and labor, overhead rates, and one-time tooling and engineering set-up charges. Directly convert estimates into a customer quote or directly into a sales order with a simple mouse-click.

Light Manufacturing Advanced Kitting

Manage production and kit assembly without complicated labor transactions or material issues. Streamlined Sage 500 ERP manufacturing business software integrates with other optional modules and allows distributors, assemble-to-order industries, and other light manufacturers to concentrate on other critical business issues without getting tied up in complex manufacturing processes.

Material Requirements Planning

Understand material and distribution requirements across your enterprise. Sage 500 ERP manufacturing software uses historical data and advanced replenishment formulas to help you more easily understand current and future material and distribution requirements. Single-screen planning provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders and other elements that affect planning decisions.

Product Configurator

Configure sales orders and finished parts routings or bills of material based on a variable functions. An easy-to-use manufacturing software interface lets customer service quickly identify and select configured parts. Create new items on-the-fly using customized item masks, new long and short item descriptions―Product Configurator even builds the item cost and suggested price.

Shop Floor Control

Use Sage manufacturing business software to log onto shop floor operations manually or use the built-in bar coding functionality to scan work order numbers. Easily customize the menu to include virtually any activity, maintenance function, report or inquiry you need to run your shop floor. It’s designed for use with bar code and touch-screen technology, meaning the shop floor can run on a terminal or from a remote handheld Windows CE device.

Process Manufacturing

O2 Process Manufacturing is a full-featured, mixed-mode module for process manufacturing, engineered for seamless integration into Sage 500 ERP.

Service Management

Service Management-Plus (SM-Plus) for Sage 500 ERP provides service-centric organizations with enhanced performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

“Emerald TC did a great job with our implementation of Sage 500 ERP from Sage Software. They also continue to respond to our questions in a timely manner.”

Angela Gentry, D&F Marketing – Specialists in food, beverage, and equipment design

*Sage 500 ERP is an alternative to Epicor, Microsoft AX, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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