Sage 500 Mobile Warehouse by Escape Velocity

Sage 500 Mobile WarehouseGet Real-Time Views of Your Inventory

Manufacturers and distributors need automated warehouse systems for precise inventory control. O2 Mobile Warehouse is a Sage 500 solution that provides a real-time view of inventory in conjunction with the Sage 500 warehouse management module. Investing in distribution and inventory management systems provides benefits beyond improved warehouse efficiency, including:

  • Precise inventory control: Barcode systems and other automation enables precise just in time inventory management. Never be out of stock on critical components or materials.
  • Improved cash flows: Because precise inventory control reduces expenses, cash flows improve. You’ll have more cash available to invest in other projects.
  • Reduce waste: Automated business systems can help you reduce waste and excess.
  • Faster data: Business systems can provide faster, more accurate data. This can help you more quickly address changes in marketplace dynamics, buyer demand, and more.
  • Better tracking: Never be without essential supplies or equipment again. Barcodes can be used to track equipment, trucks, supplies, and more so that you’ll always know precisely where they’re located. You can plan better and reduce downtime when you know where everything is at a moment’s notice.

O2 Mobile Warehouse offers:

  • Powerful simplicity

The O2 Mobile Warehouse minimizes keystrokes required for warehouse personnel to perform tasks, reducing training time, increasing user acceptance, and maximizing user efficiency.

  • Customizable screens

With customizable transactions, you can capture and post any information in Sage 500 to meet your unique requirements.

  • Smart-BarcodesTM

With Smart-Barcode technology, your warehouse automation system can navigate, look up, and validate entries with the scan of a single barcode.

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