Start the New Year Right With These Tips for Using Sage 100cloud ERP

Start the new year off right with these tips and hints for using Sage 100cloud ERP. Those companies already using Sage 100cloud ERP know that it offers powerful financial and accounting support for their companies. However, even with the best software, there are still steps to take at year-end to ensure that you’re fully set up and ready to go come January 1.

Update HR and Payroll Information

January is a great time to ask your employees to update their personal information and review their withholding amounts. The IRS provides a free withholding calculator employees can use to estimate their withholding amounts for the new year. It will help them evaluate their adjustments, deductions, and tax credits based on their current income.

Sage 100cloud ERP version 2018 and higher makes the new W4 form available for users. New employees who start work on January 1, 2020, must use the new W4 form; it’s also a good idea to have everyone update their W4 once a year. You may also be surprised at how many employees have personnel information changes, too, such as a new address or phone number. Ask everyone to update their personal information now and set your payroll and human resources information up for the year ahead.

Problems Viewing Payroll?

One reason many companies love Sage 100cloud ERP is that it can be viewed on any internet-connected device. Even with the best products, there can still be hiccups, and that’s the case with Sage 100cloud ERP and Apple devices. There’s a problem with opening payroll stubs on the iPhone or an Apple tablet. The issue lies in the embedded Apple PDF viewer. If your employees report problems opening a PDF of their payroll stubs on these devices, the fix is simple: download another free PDF viewer. Apple’s October 2019 update seemed to cause the problem, but an alternative PDF viewer fixes it in a jiff.

Updating Invoice Aging Dates

Sage 100cloud ERP defaults to counting invoice aging by the invoice date. It also defaults to 15-day terms. The new year is a great time to adjust this information in your accounting system if it doesn’t coincide with how your business operates.

To change this in Sage, change the aging method to “due date.” Then, reset the terms to 1, 30, 60, and 90 (or whatever your company uses). This should update the terms and make then compatible with how your company views aging invoices.

Back Up Your Systems and Data

Although the cloud provides a backup, it’s always a smart idea to back up your data. Any systems that aren’t automatically backed up on the cloud should be manually backed up on a regular schedule. Year-end is a great time to back everything up and ensure you have all the year’s data saved.

Check the security on your website and systems. It’s a good idea to review policies and procedures for verifying information and data and to schedule refresher training with your staff to avert potential cybercrimes.

Sage 100cloud ERP: The New Year Looks Bright

Sage 100cloud ERP continues to roll out new releases and updates that add improved functionality and features to their base packages. The company currently has three packages to choose from: Standard, Advanced, and Premium. With core accounting and finance, business intelligence, human resources and payroll, and other features for manufacturing and related industries, plus plenty of additional modules for various business needs, Sage 100cloud ERP offers the support and scalability a growing business needs.

For more information on Sage 100cloud ERP, call Emerald TC at 678-456-6919 or contact us.

Happy New Year!

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