Steps to Profitable Growth: Recommendations from an Accounting Software Consultant

As accounting software consultants, we’ve seen business success and failure. Based on our experiences, we offer three steps to increasing revenue. Among these steps are identifying key objectives, knowing your customers, and scaling with technology. Let’s look at each of these four steps and how they can help your company achieve its goals in the new year.

Identify Key Objectives

Consider for a moment how a seed grows into a plant. A tiny tomato seed, about the size of a grain of rice, grows into a lush tomato plant that produces delicious tomatoes all summer long. That tomato seed has an objective written into its DNA; to create a full tomato plant. Everything it does focuses on achieving that objective and passing its DNA down to the next generation.

Well, your business started with a tiny seed of an idea. But how has it grown? If you haven’t identified key objectives and woven them into the very fabric of your daily DNA you won’t achieve the big things you dream about. Growth may come in fits and starts, make wrong turns, and remain stunted.

As accounting software consultants, we see many businesses year after year. We’ve noticed that the ones who achieve great things are the ones who remain focused on key objectives. Consider the new year; what will be your company’s key objective? Remain focused on the goal, and you will grow towards it.

Know Your Customers

A corollary to setting goals for profitable growth is knowing your customers. Understanding not just who your customers are but what they want and need is an important step towards business success.

Review your customer and sales database. Both contain a great deal of information on your customers and clues about what they want, need, and desire. Consider the problems that your customers face each day. How can your business make their lives easier or better? What problems do you solve for them?

Make a list of the characteristics of your best customers. Then, seek new customers from among similar groups. Consider ways in which to delight and surprise your current customers to make their interactions with your company extra special. In this way, you’ll get to know your customers and, more importantly, make your company memorable to them.

Scale with Technology

Lastly, to plan for profitable growth, you must adopt technology that will help you scale your business. Scalable technology includes cloud-based ERP which can expand as your business expands, including additional data, new tools, and more people.

Consider the technology that your business needs now and what it might need in the future. An ERP system offers a combination of accounting, financial management, and operational management that provides unparalleled access to data and insight into all aspects of your business. Additional modules connect your warehouse, customer relationship management, and other vital parts of your business into one streamlined system.

If you’re using spreadsheets or dedicated business accounting software now, you could be missing out on many time-saving features of the latest technology. Companies serious about supporting long-term growth, achieving their goals, and knowing their customers would be wise to invest in new technology that helps these goals.

Accounting Software Consultant: Emerald TC

Emerald TC is a group of accounting software consultants offering various software packages to suit business needs. As you scale for growth, it’s important to have a partner by your side who can guide you to choose the right software. We welcome your call. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 for more information.

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