The Emergence of MultiCloud Solutions for Acumatica Users

Acumatica users know that multicloud services offer great benefits. It used to be that if companies wanted to collect their data, they set up huge data collection centers. They invested in multiple servers and people to work with those servers. They wrote their own scripts and reports and created an infrastructure from scratch.

The cloud has changed this dynamic forever. What used to cost thousands of dollars to implement with a heavy investment in new technology and future upgrades now costs a fraction of that amount. More importantly, it provides powerful capabilities beyond what those earlier big data pioneers could have dreamed.

Benefits of the Multi-Cloud Environment

It seems as if everywhere you turn these days there’s an article touting the benefits of the cloud. There are many benefits that end-users can derive from moving their systems to the cloud.

  • Automatic software updates: You don’t have to worry about software updates when your ERP, BI, or other systems are cloud-based. Acumatica, Sage, and other vendors spend a great deal of time, money, and effort to roll out updates, upgrades, and other fixes to their products. You won’t be inconvenienced by these updates nor will they impact your service. To the contrary, you may find that features are improved and you get even more benefits from the system itself. Instead of having your company invest in the upgrades, you can reap the benefits of them.
  • Security features: If you managed all of your computing needs within your own company, you would need to invest in extensive security upgrades to prevent hackers and criminals from accessing your systems and stealing sensitive data. Cloud companies add extensive layers of security through firewalls to prevent data loss and theft. Because so many companies are trusting them to protect their data, they work hard to keep it safe.
  • Automatic backups: Nearly everyone has had the experience of having a computer fail or crash and losing valuable data. Backing up the hard drive is a necessary task we all know we must perform regularly but one that is often forgotten. Cloud computing companies automatically back up your data for you.
  • Easier data access: With older systems, employees had to be physically on premises in order to access data. Cloud-based systems can be accessed through a web-based interface. You don’t need a special computer to access their features. Many run on mobile devices, making them ideal for a workforce on the go or companies that require mobility.
  • Cost savings: Multicloud systems require less investment upfront than older, site-based services. You don’t need to invest in specific computers or servers to run them. You don’t need to buy seat-based software licenses, either. All of this adds up to considerable cost-savings.

All of these benefits add up to great time and cost-savings that you can pour back into your business. Instead of spending money on servers and employees to manage them, you can spend it on tasks that enable you to grow and make more money. With little ramp up needed and less time spent creating something that’s already been made, you don’t have to spend countless hours building up your data center. You simply tap into the systems, servers, and software already available.

Leveraging the Cloud

If you’re already using some cloud-based systems but other off-cloud systems, consider moving everything to the cloud. Speak with someone at Emerald TC to learn more about moving legacy systems to cloud-based Acumatica. It may be easier than you think to move all your business systems onto the cloud.

Emerald TC understands your complex business needs. Contact us today and we will help you choose great solutions for your business.

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