The Employee Engagement Continuum

HR Software solutions increase employee engagement.

Employee engagement or the amount of emotional and mental attachment people have to their jobs and their employers, doesn’t start on their first day, week, or month of their employment. It actually begins prior to employment, with recruiting. Meet your potential employees where they are online and you’ll build a long-term relationship that offers benefits to both parties.

Sound familiar? That’s because the same thinking underlies CRM solutions. CRM stands for customer relationship management, an approach to building customer engagement through creating value and trust via communication. Using a similar approach to employee engagement can help your company retain valuable employees and reduce turnover.

Why Bother with Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement isn’t a new term. Years ago, the “company man” or the loyal employee was the epitome of success. Companies valued loyalty. They gave out watches and lapel pins to honor years of service and dedication to the company.

Today, with companies downsizing and employees on the constant quest for better earnings, loyalty seems an outmoded concept, but it isn’t. It’s an integral part of a healthy company culture. When companies treat their employees right, employees can and do respond with loyalty and job engagement that goes beyond the expected.

Cultivating employee engagement is more than something nice to add to your human resources plan. It’s important for your company’s health and long-term viability.

Employee engagement:

  • Boosts productivity and creativity.
  • Reduces turnover and employee sick leave.
  • Encourages the best in people.
  • Creates company evangelists, or people who rave about the company as a great place to work.

The last point is vital. When you foster a culture of employee engagement, you reap immediate benefits, such as reduced sick leave and turnover. You cultivate long-term benefits, such as enhanced creativity and productivity. But the truly big takeaway is that your employees become your company’s own best advocates. The more they rave about what a great place Company XYZ is to work for, the more people will come to your doorstep seeking employment. Customers will hear about your company, too. The rewards can be great.

Human Resource Solutions to Build Engagement

Human Resource software solutions can be used to boost employee engagement.

Boost your company’s visibility on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are important communication channels with both customers and employees. Building your brand on these platforms means consistent messages and interactions with people who respond on these channels. An applicant tracking and recruiting system, like Visibility Software’s Cyber Recruiter, can make it easier to enhance and interact with your social media followers. This, in turn, leads to greater visibility with potential employees. Younger employees are especially drawn to social media as a major communications medium.

Send “stay in touch” emails. You probably have a database of resumes on file from promising people who applied for jobs within your company but just weren’t a perfect fit for an open spot. Keep in touch with job applicants from previous recruiting efforts by setting up special distribution groups in an applicant tracking system. Then, send “keep in touch” emails with company updates, announcements of new openings and more.

Adding HR management solutions to an existing ERP system, such as Sage 100, can be part of an employee retention and attraction program. And, when you’re ready, you can add steps to enhance employee retention and engagement even more with an Applicant Tracking System and Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software. It’s all part of managing your team in the 21st century.

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