Three Reasons Why You Absolutely MUST Have Warehouse Distribution Software

Multiple locations, multiple sources of data, and customers clamoring for information about their orders make having warehouse distribution software and a centralized warehouse management system a “must”. Warehouse management systems enable you to keep track of inventory, shipments, and stock status updates at multiple locations using real-time data. They offer many benefits to your company and can greatly enhance productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

Among the many benefits of a warehouse management system, some benefits truly stand out. The following three reasons why you “must” have a warehouse management system may help you decide to take the plunge and invest in a new system this year or upgrade your existing one.

There are many reasons why your company can benefit from a warehouse management solution. These three offer some of the most common reasons why companies implement such systems.

Benefits of a Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Distribution Software

#1: Accurate inventory data.

When you’re working with multiple warehouse locations, it can be difficult to access accurate stock counts. Shortages and excess inventory are common among companies with multiple locations and manual inventory systems. It’s time-consuming to call around to other locations to find a specific SKU for a customer and it is easy to make a mistake.

With a warehouse management system, data is automatically updated in real time to all locations. An employee in one location can easily find information on availability, stock status, and shipping for a customer. Updates are also automated using barcode scanners, which can quickly scan items into and out of inventory, thus keeping the stock count updated. The resulting information tightens gaps in your current inventory management system and prevents over-ordering items. It can also help you spot shrinkage quickly and take steps to prevent loss. With accurate real-time data, you have the resources that you need to improve your entire warehouse process.

#2: Better service.

Customers calling your company to find out the status of their order don’t want a return phone call. They want and need to know now if their order has shipped. Their production department may be waiting for a part, or other people are on standby until the item is received. When you have a warehouse management system in place, you can provide immediate, real-time data on order status. This improvement in customer service leads to better customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, as well as repeat business. It’s a winning combination for improved profits.

#3:  Competitive advantage.

It may seem like such a small thing when you consider the many factors that go into a customer’s purchasing decision, but knowing they can trust your firm to provide accurate, real-time ordering information adds a competitive advantage to your business. The more you can improve customer service, the more likely it is for customers to both return to your company and recommend you to friends.  Competitive advantages don’t stop with customer service, however. They also include aspects of warehouse management such as accurate stock counts, reducing excess inventory, and ensuring that items received are added to inventory quickly. These improvements add up to a big competitive advantage for your company.

Emerald TC: Warehouse Management Systems and More

Emerald TC understands the complex business needs of multi-location businesses. We know that warehouse mobility and warehouse management systems are critical for improved profitability. Our partner, Scanco, offers exceptional warehouse systems that work well with other technology solutions to enhance your overall productivity. Contact us today and we will help you choose great solutions for your business.

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