Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Success with Acumatica ERP Implementation

Tips and Tricks on keyboard for Acumatica

As you and your team get ready for Acumatica implementation, you may be both excited and apprehensive. An Acumatica ERP project will help you improve all aspects of your business, and it’s a big leap to move from disconnected legacy systems to one integrated system.

To make your Acumatica ERP implementation successful, we’ve put together this list of tips, tricks, and helpful hints. They’re gleaned from two Acumatica white papers, Building the Best ERP Project Team and Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner. Together with Emerald TC by your side, your implementation will run smoothly and you’ll be using your new system with ease as soon as possible.

Making Acumatica ERP Implementation Easier

Acumatica ERP offers small to mid-sized businesses an affordable, scalable, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that improves business productivity and management. By integrating finance, accounting, and other data, Acumatica ERP provides you both an overview of your business and details that can facilitate planning, goal-setting, and daily business communications.

These tips, tricks, and helpful hints may Acumatica ERP implementation smooth sailing.

  1. Identify an executive champion: It is helpful to identify and work with an executive champion, someone at the top level within your company who believes in the power of Acumatica ERP to solve the company’s business problems and who is willing to work with you to pave the way for implementation. An executive champion can help you earmark the finances for your project, assign staff resources, and emphasize the importance of the project throughout the company so that everyone prioritizes their work around the implementation. Having a champion in place helps the entire project run more smoothly from start to finish.
  2. Designate a project lead: Designate someone within your company to act as the project lead. The lead person interfaces with the consultants hired to implement Acumatica ERP, and forms teams within the company to work on various components of the ERP. They may also work with the executive champion to request funds or help with the project internally. The lead doesn’t have to be someone from IT but should be knowledgeable about your company’s systems, data, and processes.
  3. Create a representative project group: The project group works under the guidance of the project lead. The larger group helps collect information on the needs of each department, available data from within the company, business goals, and other information. Small sub-groups may be formed to tackle specific problems before interfacing with the larger task force or group. By including a representative from each department in the company, you ensure that everyone feels included and has a say in the final project implementation.
  4. Build project plans around ROI: The project plan itself spells out the details of what you are building, who is working on it, and when you anticipate its completion. Building it around core ROI values helps senior management and your project champion understand its relevance and importance to the organization. It ties it directly into the company’s financial goals and provides concrete benchmarks to measure progress.
  5. Select an experienced Acumatica vendor: By selecting an experienced Acumatica ERP vendor, you have a partner by your side who can anticipate stumbling blocks and help you navigate around them. Experience matters when it comes to ERP implementation. A seasoned consulting firm understands the typical challenges a business faces during the implementation process and has time-tested and proven suggestions for overcoming them.

Finding the right Acumatica ERP vendor is an important step in the process of moving from separate systems to the power of an ERP system. Emerald TC offers a team of consultants, CPAs, and experienced master developers to help you scope out your project and implement Acumatica ERP smoothly. To get started, contact us or call 678-456-6919

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