Transform Your Human Resources with Sage HRMS and Visibility Software

Companies looking for better ways to manage routine tasks in the human resources department often find a great solution with Sage HRMS. Now, with Sage HRMS endorsed partner Visibility Solutions’ Cyber Recruiter, you can get more done in less time in your human resources department.

HR Automation: Applicant Tracking Systems

One important area where HR automation can help your company become more productive is an applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS technology helps with the talent acquisition process and the results. Finding and implementing a good ATS system can shorten the time it takes to recruit and fill open positions.

Tips to Implement an ATS System

Cyber Recruiter from Visibility Software works with Sage HRMS to provide streamlined recruiting using automation tools. To ensure its successful launch, follow these tips for implementation of an ATS such as Cyber Recruiter.

Check vendor references

Always check vendor references before signing the contract for services. There are many ways to check references. Here are some suggested questions to ask during negotiations and reference checks:

  1. How difficult was implementation?
  2. How well did the ATS integrate with other software? (This is particularly helpful if the reference uses other software you also use.)
  3. How helpful was the provider with implementation?
  4. What suggestions do the references have based on their implementation experience?

You may also wish to call a few of their past customers and ask about their satisfaction with the vendor. Performing vendor due diligence prior to ATS implementation can save many headaches later.

Prepare for implementation

There’s a famous quotation by Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Avoid unnecessary implementation problems by being prepared and organized. An important part of this is determining which data you will bring over from your old ATS, and which you won’t. The amount of data you bring over often impacts the length of your implementation process. Backing up existing data, preparing your teams, and cleaning up old data are important steps to take as part of your preparation.

Schedule system tests

Schedule plenty of time for systems tests to ensure that it meets your specifications and expectations. Verify you’re getting what you’re paying for—that your new ATS lives up to what you’ve been promised and seen during demos. Also, be sure there are no hiccups during integration with existing systems. Send several tests through and re-test after fixing any glitches.

Provide training

Provide group training for all staff who will use the new system. Schedule time for individual training with so-called “power users” or system administrators. Include recruiters and hiring managers as part of the training process, but also others who will be using it. Ensure they know how to use features and functionality that are important for getting the most value from your new ATS. Those great reporting capabilities don’t do much good if users don’t know they exist or don’t know how to access or use them.

Update your system

After implementation, it’s tempting to use the existing system without updates. Updates provided by the vendor are an important aspect of software maintenance. Sage HRMS provides updates that add value while protecting your system. Plan system updates and training to ensure you are taking advantage of every aspect of your system. Don’t forget refresher training and training classes for new employees, too.

Emerald TC Brings You Sage HRMS and Visibility Software

Visibility Software is an Emerald TC partner providing Sage HRMS endorsed recruiting and training management solutions.

Cyber Recruiter reduces slow, manual, paper-based recruiting. It can help speed up your entire recruiting process and improve efficiencies.

Cyber Train is a learning management system that can help your employees complete company training programs. Track, monitor, and understand how your employees are completing training.

About Emerald TC

Emerald TC can help you prioritize your next technology purchase. Please contact us now for a consultation—we are happy to help. We specialize in helping mid-market, multi-location companies increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 today.

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