Use Your Sage CRM Software for Customer Retention Strategies

Your Sage CRM software offers more than a convenient tool to reach out to customers. CRM stands for customer relationship management. True CRM includes acquisition as well as retention, the art of keeping customers loyal to your company. With the right approach, a CRM system can be used to build relationships with customers for long-term mutual benefit.

Three Retention Strategies to try with your Sage CRM Software

CRM systems can, over time, build up a wealth of valuable information about your customers. Past interactions provide clues that you can use to add value and build loyalty into your communications. This, in turn, leads to stronger sales and long-term customer relationships.

Three ways in which your Sage CRM software can be used to build long-term value include:

  1. Create a VIP system: Who are VIPs? These are customers who have been with you a long time, spent a considerable amount of money, or are otherwise a vital link in the chain of business. You can identify them on your database and flag them for special “VIP” treatment. Services, products, bonuses; all can be VIP rewards. Perhaps expedited shipping, free shipping, or a bonus may be a great way to reward them. Use your CRM system to communicate your thanks for their business and be sure to let them know you appreciate them.
  2. Following up with a personal touch: Personalization is more than putting someone’s name in the salutation field of an email. It’s a comprehensive approach that recognizes customers for who they are and understands their preferences. Use the information contained in the CRM system to check on their satisfaction with past orders, follow up on customer service calls, or simply ask how they are doing with their new product. Even a simple “I’m just writing to see if we can help you in any way” message can go a long way to boosting personal relationships. Personalization builds loyalty and long-term business relationships, as well as a referral network, which will help you grow your business.
  3. Schedule calls: Sage CRM software can also be used to schedule sales calls. Note the calls on your calendar so that everyone knows when customers have been called and can avoid duplicate calls. Make it a point to connect with valued customers at least quarterly, or more frequently if their business requires it. Call notes recorded into the CRM system can help everyone understand the interactions with the call center and sales teams so that customers don’t have to repeat themselves when they call again. You have all the information recorded and ready for all to access.

Sage CRM software offers great tools to reach out to customers and connect on a personal level. But, like any tool, you muse put it to good use. A house doesn’t get built just by purchasing state of the art saws and hammers. They must be wielded by skilled craftsman to build a fine home. The same goes for Sage CRM software. Once it’s in place at your company, your sales and service teams are the skilled craftsmen who must use it to build customer retention strategies.

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