Want to Improve Small Business Efficiency? Try ERP Software

Small businesses are always looking for an advantage. Whether it’s a competitive advantage, a special product to sell, or ways to boost productivity and efficiency, anything they can do to improve their bottom line is a bonus.

That’s why ERP software such as Sage 100 or Acumatica adds so much value to a small business. When you have a small business (defined by the SBA as a company with fewer than 500 employees), every moment of the workday counts. An efficient ERP system that provides accurate, real-time information can be an incredible time-saver for the small business.

ERP Software Boosts Productivity

Consider what could be used to boost your employee productivity. Productivity, or the amount of work employees can get done in a given time period, can be curtailed by having inefficient systems. Old, outdated software, manual data entry, and reports that have to be generated on an ad hoc basis are all things that can eat up valuable time. ERP systems for manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce businesses can help you maintain and track inventory, accounting, and finance.

By adding one efficient ERP system to your company, you can bring together all the information from each department into one solution. Real-time, accurate information can be used to make better business decisions, improve productivity, and boost revenues.

Whether you own a manufacturing plant, distribution warehouse, or another type of business, Sage 100 offers many features that can help improve productivity and enhance efficiency. It’s a great step up from other common business packages and one that can grow with your company over time.

Prioritizing Your Technology Updates

Small businesses are also careful with their cash. They know that an investment in ERP software must pay off in many years of use from the system itself.

To prioritize your technology upgrades and make the best use of limited funds, ask yourself:

  • What tech upgrade would make the biggest impact on your business moving forward? If you’re struggling with basic word-processing and accounting, it makes sense to upgrade financial software first, and then look at add-ons such as CRM and HRMS. Sage 100 is a powerful ERP software solution with great features for businesses in many different industries. Core features include accounting and financial management, with a modular design that lets you add additional systems as time, business needs, and budgets allow. As your company grows, you can add Sage products for HRMS, CRM, Fixed Assets, and many other needs.
  • How much do you have to invest in the upgrade? Budgeting for technology upgrades is important. You must factor in the cost of the software as well as potential hardware upgrades if they are needed, too.
  • How will you maintain the system? Once a system is in place, it needs routine maintenance, upgrades, and more. Cloud-based systems, such as Acumatica, may be updated by the cloud partner or provider. Other software, depending on the company, may be serviced by the provider.

Sage 100: Powerful ERP with Great Features

Emerald TC can help you prioritize your next technology purchase. Please contact us now for a consultation—we are happy to help. We specialize in helping mid-market, multi-location companies increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. Contact us or call 678-456-6919 today.

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