What’s New in Sage 100 2021.2?

Sage 100 2021.2 was released in September. With this update, it is a great time to remind you to upgrade your version regularly. Here are three great reasons to be up to date:

  1. Sage drops support for older versions. When Sage 100 2022 is released in March or April, support for version 2019 will cease. It doesn’t mean this version will stop working; however, compatibility with other systems like Microsoft Windows may be a problem. For example, Windows 11 will only be compatible back to Sage 100 2020.x and Sage 100 2021 is not supported with Windows 7.
  2. Being on unsupported versions opens your systems up to security breaches. That’s because the latest versions update security as threats become known.
  3. With each release, new functionality and fixes are added. Even small updates can help increase your efficiency. Sage listens to users’ input and that change you’ve always wanted just might be there. Add your ideas at the Sage 100 ideas forum.

Sage 100 2021.2 Updates

  1. 1099 Form Changes for tax year 2021 in Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Payable: DBA name and address fields have been added to the Additional tab in Vendor Maintenance and the Vendor Maintenance On-the-Fly window.
  3. ODBC Password Support
  4. Search Field in Account Maintenance/Inquiry: Description Search has now been added to the GL Account field.
  5. Security Update to User Report: The User Report now allows you to print only those tasks the user has access to.

Read the Sage 100 2021.2 Release Notes for other fixes.

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