What’s Your Biggest Recruiting Challenge? Sage Cyber Recruiter’s Got That Solved

Sage Cyber Recruiter is a new technology-based solution to help you improve your company’s talent recruiting efforts.

The national unemployment rate recently fell to a significant low mark at 3.8% in May 2018. While this is worth celebrating, it’s also worth noting, for it means that companies will face increasing challenges recruiting new talent. The lower the unemployment rate, the more it becomes a “seller’s market,” with candidates calling the shots.

You’ll need to work hard to recruit and retain top talent. That’s why it takes every tool available to you to ensure you have not just average candidates but excellent candidates. Sage Cyber Recruiter can help.

Your Biggest Recruiting Challenges – Solved

What are your biggest recruiting challenges? Regardless of low unemployment, talent acquisition remains one of the top challenges for companies everywhere.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2016 Global CEO survey, 72% of CEOs felt that a talent shortage was a direct threat to their business. This information and more may be found in the white paper offered in June—you can download it here from Emerald TC: 4 Key Steps to Talent Acquisition

Given both the great job market (for job seekers!) and the ever-present talent crunch felt by many companies, it makes sense to know your ABCs—or “always be recruiting.” That’s a slogan HR departments adopt to remind themselves to continue promoting the company, enhancing its brand as an employer, and never stop looking for good talent that will fit into their organizations.

Four Steps to Successful Recruiting

To overcome the labor shortage, know your “ABCs”. These four steps will help you “always be recruiting” and successfully keep your company staffed.

  1. Sourcing & Your Talent Pipeline: Recruit through traditional routes, such as job boards and sites, but also use social media, trade groups, and other employment pools to find candidates. Work with your company’s marketing department to enhance the organization’s “brand” as a great place to work. The more attractive you can make your company to potential employees, the less you’ll have to hunt for candidates. Good candidates will ask to work for your company.
  2. Managing the Recruiter/Hiring Manager Relationship: Ensure effective and open communications between recruiters and hiring managers. Make sure that everyone involved in the process has equal access to supportive documents, such as job descriptions and hiring policies.
  3. The Candidate Process: Create a positive candidate experience from the moment they first meet your company online to the moment when they’re offered the job (or not). Make sure there’s consistency throughout the interview process.
  4. Onboarding: Recruiting doesn’t end when the candidate is offered the job. The entire onboarding process must be carefully thought out and handled or you may fail to set your new hire up for success. Identify what people need to know and do once they arrive at your office and have a definite plan in place for onboarding. 

How Sage Cyber Recruiter Helps the Process

Sage Cyber Recruiter offers many benefits to help you recruit, hire, and onboard your new employees. Some of the many features found in Sage Cyber Recruiter are:

  • Customized interface: Match the career page to your company’s existing website’s look and feel.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrate an online application with your corporate website to gather applicant information vital to your recruiting process, including position-specific screening questions.
  • Up-to-date postings: Automatically post all open positions to your company’s career page and upload openings to leading online job boards like Monster.com® and Careerbuilder.com.®
  • Intelligent search capability: Locate appropriate candidates using a flexible resumé search functionality that incorporates multiple criteria.
  • Efficient scheduling: Simplify interview scheduling with built-in mechanisms for gathering immediate candidate-related feedback in a timely, process-oriented manner.
  • Automated email responses: Effectively stay on top of every aspect of your recruiting process
  • Comprehensive content management: Empower users to manage content and easily configure the layout and display to meet your specific requirements.
  • Advanced integration: Interface with background screening companies as well as with your Sage HRMS solution.
  • Robust reporting functionality: Take advantage of powerful applicant and requisition reporting capabilities with both standard and an ad hoc reporting tool.
  • Employee access: Enable employees to quickly update their resumé information and track all employee referrals.

We know recruiting is challenging and especially challenging in a tight job market when job seekers have their choice of opportunities. It takes considerable time and effort to find good candidates. Make sure you have the best tools in place to recruit, train, and onboard your teams.

Emerald TC

Find out more Sage Cyber Recruiter from Emerald TC. We offer a team of certified consultants, CPAs, and master developers to help you build your business, choose the right software, and grow your revenues. Contact us or call 678-456-6919.

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