Your Business CAN Benefit from Cloud ERP

Switching to a cloud ERP system can be complicated. Some people in your company may be enthusiastic about the change and looking forward to integrated, real-time data. Others may have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

According to an Aberdeen whitepaper, approximately 26% of companies responding to their survey claimed they did not need an ERP system because they were doing just fine without it. It’s hard to believe that competitive firms can continue doing business without integrated data. Cloud ERP offers so many benefits that making the switch just seems to be the right decision.

If you are among the skeptics, let’s take a look at some not uncommon scenarios that show the absolute need for cloud ERP today. Your business can indeed benefit from cloud ERP. Here’s why.

Lost Data, Lost Opportunities

Businesses running on older systems often rely on USB memory sticks to transport data. A typical scenario might be a presentation.

Let’s image that your Sales VP is racing across town to a client meeting, presenting reports that might net your business a new client. He saves the reports, carefully prepared from spreadsheets, onto a USB memory stick. As he slides into the driver’s seat of his car, he doesn’t realize that the memory stick he shoved into the pocket of his suit jacket tumbled out and onto the parking lot. He drives away, leaving the memory stick to be crushed under the wheels of the next car pulling into the spot.

No presentation, no reports, and a big missed opportunity.

Memory sticks can be lost. Laptops can be stolen. Computers can crash. With cloud ERP, reports remain on the cloud. All you need do is find another device, log into the system, and download the reports you so carefully prepared for your meeting.

Nothing is lost, including a big client opportunity. Cloud ERP offers greater peace of mind and protection for your valuable data.

Easier Collaboration and Telecommuting

Many companies today are allowing flexible working arrangements. Staff appreciates the ability to take time off to nurse a sick child, parent, or spouse. Working from home offers them the ability to take care of both business and personal needs.

Without cloud ERP, however, employees must lug home their equipment such as a laptop computer, important files, and other equipment and records to ensure they can do their job. And if something unexpected keeps them at home, if they did not bring home their information and equipment, they cannot work from home.

Cloud ERP makes it easy for anyone to work from home, from a client’s office, or while traveling. Unlike site-based systems, which require software loaded on a specific workplace device for access, cloud ERP systems enable access from any device connected to the internet. It’s easy to work from anywhere.

It also makes it easier to collaborate with others through a cloud ERP system. Because everyone has access to the system, they can collaborate, share, and use all data within the system. It’s easier to collaborate when all teams have a link to a shared pool of data. It facilitates communications and better decisions.

Peace of Mind

Get peace of mind with cloud ERP. Whether your laptop is stolen or your USB stick crashes, you’ll always have an alternate method of accessing your data and systems when it’s in the cloud. It’s peace of mind for your business.

Emerald TC

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