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Whether you own a commercial kitchen, a manufacturing plant, a warehouse, or distribution centers, chances are good that you have invested heavily in fixed assets. Forklifts, trucks, buildings, land, machinery, office furniture, and equipment value must be tracked across its useful lifetime, with separate depreciation schedules to help you keep the information updated for tax purposes. And, over time, assets must be replaced. Tracking equipment value, as well as maintenance and repair schedules, help you assess when it needs to be replaced.

Even though such tracking is important to many businesses, some still track this information manually. Companies managing their equipment maintenance records and depreciation schedules using spreadsheets may be losing money by tracking “ghost” or “zombie” assets, failing to note when equipment is losing money through excess repairs, or has just outlived its usefulness.

Tracking equipment through software provides an efficient and effective way to accurately manage all aspects of asset management. In this guide to Sage Fixed Assets, we’ll show you the benefits and features of this powerful program from Sage. And even though this program is from Sage, you don’t need a Sage ERP to experience its benefits. It works with Microsoft, Oracle, and several other ERPs, too.

Benefits of Using Sage FAS

Sage Fixed Assets is an asset management system that enables you to track, manage, organize, depreciate, and plan around all your fixed assets. It can be used by itself or fully integrated into your company’s ERP for complete visibility into asset management. Reports can be generated directly from the program or through the ERP to provide useful, real-time data on all assets including depreciation, location, and more.

Below are several benefits of using Sage FAS.

Organize Assets

Fixed assets can number in the thousands for even a small business. This program enables you to organize your equipment and track its value throughout its lifecycle. Organize it by type, age, and more. Track equipment location and identify missing, stolen, or out of commission equipment quickly and easily.

Gain Valuable Business Insights

One important goal of asset management is to identify and budget for replacements before they are needed. Using Sage Fixed Assets, you can track depreciation as well as maintenance and repair schedules and plan accordingly for equipment that may be near the end of its usefulness.

Identify Accurate Asset Value

Ghost and zombie assets can artificially inflate value, thus increasing costs. Sage Fixed Assets can help you understand the true value of all assets and help avoid property tax overpayment, fraud, and insurance premium overpayment.

Track Maintenance and Repairs

This feature enables collaboration between accounting and maintenance. A single, shared database provides an easy way to share information and updates. You can easily create up to one million maintenance events per asset, track cumulative maintenance and repair costs, and monitor this data across the asset’s lifespan. This enables you to jointly determine when to replace assets and manage budgets more easily around its replacement.

Sage FAS Features

Sage Fixed Assets includes many useful features, with flexibility built in to accommodate many industries and needs.

  • Asset List: Access the complete asset list with the touch of a button. Identify each asset, find its location and value quickly and easily.
  • Depreciation: Depreciation calculations are included in the software. There are over 50 depreciation methods available, or you can set up custom depreciation schedules as needed.
  • Tracking: Don’t overpay taxes or insurance premiums on assets that no longer exist or are being phased out. Tracking accuracy is virtually assured, especially when Sage Fixed Assets is used with barcodes and sound check in/check out processes for equipment.
  • Custom Reports: Generate reports with multiple variables, including acquisition value, placed in service date, property type, and more.


Sage Fixed Assets integrates with Sage Intacct, Sage 100, and Sage 300. It also works with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Plex, JDE and Oracle. No matter which ERP you’re using, Sage FAS offers a powerful way to organize, monitor, track and depreciate your equipment.

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