Human resources management is one of the most important tasks for any company. Your employees are your most valuable resource, so it’s important to make sure they don’t experience any issues when getting paid, accessing benefits, and more. Emerald TC can help you implement the perfect HRMS system for your unique needs and strategic goals.

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Sage HRMS is a human resource management solution that streamlines HR processes, adheres to strict security and compliance standards, and empowers your employees through a user-friendly self-service portal.

Works With: Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500


  • Automated, Organized Records
    HR employees have instant access to detailed data such as employee contact information, pay, benefits, and more.
  • Sage 100 and Sage 300 Payroll Integration
    Eliminate the need to enter data twice: Sage HRMS easily integrates with your Sage payroll solution.
  • Self Service Portal
    Employees can easily access their HR data from anywhere. They can request time off, view payroll information, review their performance and training tasks, and more. Managers can quickly review and approve or reject time off requests.
  • Endless Customization Options
    Access many different HRMS modules to create the perfect solution for your unique business.

Sage HRMS Premium

Sage is currently developing a new, web-based version of Sage HRMS. This new premium version has many improvements over the original solution, including:

  • Better navigation and user interface
  • ESS modernization
  • Multi-factor authentication and single-sign on
  • Automated tax calculation
  • Faster and easier maintenance
  • Easier error identification and validation
  • Process management visibility
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