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In order to compete effectively in today’s environment, it’s critical that you find the best resources available to streamline your operation. Emerald TC specializes in helping mid-market, multi-location companies transform their processes and thereby increase productivity and profitability.

Are you achieving maximum productivity, growth and profits in your business?

We’ll get you the critical, up-to-date information you need precisely when you need it by helping your company choose and implement a technology solution that will allow you to easily and seamlessly share information across the office, the enterprise—or the globe.

Give us a call. You’ll find that working with us is easy. We’re flexible, we’re dependable, and we will work with you until we find the right business processes and the right accounting and financial software for your company—even if that means developing the solution ourselves to fit your specific needs. Our solutions are multi-faceted. Our process is simple. And the results are truly dazzling!

Discover how you can maximize your company’s efficiency and reach new levels of growth.

Business Software Systems from Emerald TC

A good enterprise resource planning (ERP) system offers the ability to improve customer satisfaction in new and surprising ways. It’s more than a powerhouse accounting and finance system, and much more than a huge database. It’s a software solution that can become the nerve center of your business.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica delivers flexible cloud and mobile technology with a unique licensing model, providing a complete, real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere.

Sage Business Cloud

Sage provides a range of easy-to-use, secure, and efficient business management software—from accounting, HR and payroll to payments, ERP, and CRM.

“Sage 100 is saving us thousands of dollars a year in direct and soft costs. We’re saving on IT consultant fees, too. Putting all the improvements together, I figure Sage 100 will pay for itself within 12 months. Add to that the fact that we now have reliable reports and have dramatically improved customer service, and you can see why we’re so enthusiastic about the software—and our partner, Emerald TC!”

Buddy Hawkins, Hawkins & Associates

Tayse Rugs & Acumatica

Implementing Acumatica has given the importer a competitive edge with streamlined order processing and automation.



Manufacturers continually struggle with razor-thin margins, accurate demand forecasting, efficient resource planning, warehouse and inventory management, and supply chain management. The right manufacturing ERP system can solve these challenges and provide additional functionality to improve customer communications, staffing management, and much more.

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Manufacturers and wholesalers need distribution ERP software now more than ever. With a greater emphasis on tracking materials through every phase of the supply chain, the right ERP distribution software can make a big impact in your business. It can help you improve efficiency, automate business processes, and reduce costs.

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Healthcare facilities rely heavily on having a constant supply of equipment, medical supplies, and medicines. An ERP can manage inventory, track orders, and automate procurement, which can lower costs, reduce waste, and ensure a steady stream of supplies to your healthcare business.

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